21 Mar 2007

Catt or Wilkinson...Are These Really England's Options?

With Rob Andrew backing Johnny Wilkinson to be an important part of England's World cup rugby squad plus Mike Catt's intention to postpone his retirement until after the tournament, I've got to ask the question: are either of these men really who England needs as fly half during a major tournament.

Catt will be nearly 36 when the 2007 RWC starts and his hamstrings surely can't take the strain. I admire the guys determination but enough is enough.

As for Wilkinson : talented though he undeniably is, he has barely played any rugby at all for the last 3 years and it doesn't look as if that will change in the near future. Taking a risk on one fly-half is OK, but to take two injury prone players to the World Cup is just madness.

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