23 Mar 2007

Gary Flowers Says 'Them Thar All Blacks Ain't Half Fat'

Here's one that will annoy the New Zealanders that read this blog (hi Caroline !) :

Always charming Australia rugby boss Gary Flowers has suggested that the New Zealand players rested for the Super 14 may have put on a few pounds.

Oh, alright, he's said that they've got fat and aren't the force everyone thinks they are.

It's always good to see some rumours replacing news as the rugby World Cup approaches and we particularly enjoyed these choice comments :

"We are hearing amazing stories about how much size the New Zealand players have put on...In fact, it's rumoured that some of their players have put on between five and seven kilos just in terms of this whole player conditioning period."

and, my particular favourite :

"If we make them [The All Blacks] think, we know that we've got them on the back foot."

With such respect flowing in the southern hemisphere, I can't wait for it all to kick off.

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