27 Mar 2007

Pointless World Cup Sponsors Part One

OK, UK terrestrial channel ITV has announced that French car manufacturer Peuguot and EDF Energy are the first sponsors of their 2007 World Cup Rugby coverage.

It's hardly glamourous and exciting news but it still amuses me - and I'm sure a large proportion of the English public - that EDF Energy seem to sponsor anything and everything and yet still no one knows what they actually do.

Postscript: OK, I looked it up on that new fangled interweb thing and found out the EDF Energy are an energy supplier for...wait for it...South East England and East Anglia. So, they are paying all that money for branding and their services cover less than 25% of the country.

Look out for more pointless RWC sponsors as we get nearer the finals. I'm sure they'll be even more ridiculous than EDF Energy. My money is on an 'official HR consultancy partner' and an official 'debt collection partner' as the two most ridiculous sponsors.

Watch this space.



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