27 Mar 2007

Dallaglio : Over and Out

It seems that Lawrence Dallaglio - an England back of the old school - has finally accepted that he has pretty much no chance of playing for England in the 2007 rugby World Cup Finals.

In an interview with the Daily Express, Dallaglio shows his awareness of his position within both the Wasps and England set-up and accepts that he isn't even first choice for his club side.

“It has been a different season for me. I haven’t been involved with England for whatever reason and it takes a bit of getting used to, being here at the club when all the other international players are away..", Dallaglio commented.

As far as I'm concerned, it's good that Dallaglio is effectively ruling himself out. He hasn't been a serious force in rugby union for at least two years. And, to be quite honest, he should never have played rugby again after allegedly admitting to both using and dealing Class A drugs in 1999.

No doubting his talent and spirit, but if England have any chance (and realistically, they don't) of holding on to the World Cup trophy, then the quicker they can sweep away the dead wood, the better.

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At 14 September 2007 at 21:11 , Blogger asiseeit said...

I agree the World Cup is won with experience but Woodward should have removed ALL the World Cup players who would be to old for the current Competition straight away and started building a young side that would have expereince in by the time this cup came around. Woodward wasted a preciuos year the next coach never had a clue and the current coach never had a chance. The best thing for Rugby would be for the Management to be on maximum term contracts i.e. say four years as per the World Cup they can then come in to do the best job they can for the game. Those that stay longer make appointments and decisions to best suit their own interest and even if they are poor quality they cannot be got rid of. The game suffers the fans pay good money to watch the most boring side in the World and the management count their pay packets


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