30 Mar 2007

World Cup Non-Story of the Day

Do you ever get the feeling that some websites just don't have enough news?

Today's World Cup rugby non-story is...wait for it, it's a goodie....Jonah Lomu Tips All Blacks To Win World Cup.

I know. A real surprise, that one. You would never have guessed, would you?

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At 12 April 2007 at 20:57 , Blogger plasmodium said...

Reason why Jonah is right that the ABs will win the RWC is because they have two great 15s while all the other teams (France excepted) have just one if they're lucky. Still, there are areas in the ABs that could be improved - FB, Number 8 and I/C.

Over the years, there have been several all-time great players at the back of the Kiwi scrums, so this is an extremely tough pair of boots to fill. The 2007 incumbent, Rodney So’oialo, does a good job, but he’s no game-breaker. I’d choose Tuiali’i. He sprints for that tryline with a just-try-and-stop-me attitude. He’s one Canterbury player I’d definitely include.

The one I’d bench is Aaron Mauger.

He’s a damn good club player, but he lacks thrust in important internationals. And I don’t see the vaunted advantage of having a kicker at I/C when he’s right next door to Carter who’s an excellent kicker. Ma’a Nonu would be my pick. He’s in the tackle-busting tradition of Joe Stanley and Walter Little, and can punch holes that Mauger can’t.

Mils Muliaina plays good fullback but doesn’t hit the line that well. There’ll probably never be another Cullen, and maybe that’s what’s stopping anybody in NZ rugby from being a star at FB - the impossibility of measuring up.

Lastly, you could think about moving Collins to No.8, if you're not sold on Tuiali’i, and play Troy Flavell at 6. It would sure help solve the lineout problems.

All in all, the ABs are spoilt for choice, which is why Jonah is correct in his assessment.


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